Antoinette Holm

Antoinette is an independent scholar, author and teacher. She has been involved in the tertiary sector for many years, and has published scholarly and academic works as well as fiction. Her first novel, 'Steel River', was published in 2009. This work and a sequel 'Base Metal' are available on Kindle. In 2015/16 Antoinette lived in Dublin, Ireland, where she completed two novels, 'The Melancholy World of Oscar De Butant' and 'Six Nights in Amsterdam'.

A recurrent theme of her work is the relationship between history and fiction, and she explores the tension between storytelling, truth and fact, history as framing for contemporary genre fiction, and the intersection of personal memory and history. Antoinette is currently researching and writing in the field of contextual biography.

Antoinette has also had a long association with writers through her own manuscript assessment service, Zephyr Manuscripts, Lynk Manuscript Assessment Service, the Hunter Writer’s centre and now Writers Victoria. Antoinette has worked with Writers Victoria since 2009 as an assessor and mentor. In 2014 Antoinette was part of the inaugural conference of manuscript assessment in partnership with Writer’s Victoria.

Antoinette is an Honorary Fellow, Federation University Australia.

Specialises in:

  • Genre fiction (speculative, science fiction, romance, crime, thriller)
  • Literature/general fiction
  • Young adult
  • Biography (memoir, auto-biography)
  • Narrative non-fiction
  • History
  • Short Stories
Antoinette Holm headshot