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30K in 30 Days

30K in 30 Days

Thursday, 15 August 2019

30 days. 30 prompts. 30 thousand words!

This September, join us online for our 30th anniversary write-athon:


Earlier this year, we held our 30-day Flash Fiction challenge, inviting writers across Victoria – and the world – to dig deep, conjure their writerly powers and wrote 30 words a day in April. Well, this time around, we asking you to dig deeper and commit to 1000 words a day.

Oh, yes – that’s 30,000 words in 30 days, aka 1000 words a day for a month.

Prompts and pointers will be posted daily to inspire and ignite your creativity, either for your personal project or for a new idea every day. Every day, we’ll ask you to send your favourite or least favourite line and we’ll pick winners. From these, one writer will win a free ticket to a workshop* of their choice at Writers Victoria.

Does 1000 words seem daunting? This challenge is flexible! Decide on your daily commitment and tag us on Twitter: #30kin30days

To join the challenge, subscribe here. You will receive daily tips, prompts, messages of support and general writerly inspiration.

Find our archive of prompts here.


Join us for #30kin30days!

*maximum one-day workshop subject to availibility.


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