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Nine years ago I was awarded my first writing residency in Australia. At that time I was living at a crazy pace, juggling several jobs, studying for my MA and trying to write a novel. Oh, and I also had a husband to attend to. But here I was offered an oasis of two weeks amidst all my busyness – two weeks at Varuna, set in the gorgeous misty Blue Mountains with their spiderwebs and flowers, with no daily hassles (and no husband), just me and my novel.

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Chris Wallace-Crabbe has been writing poetry since the age of 18 and continues to write poetry at the age of 80. He shares some of his wisdom with Sharona Lin ahead of his Month of Poetry workshop.

Chris is a Melbourne-born poet who has read and written all round the world. He also taught for many years. His latest books are ‘My Feet Are Hungry’ and the prose volume ‘Read It Again’.

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In 2014, Writers Victoria produced a series of postcards and memes of some of our Write-ability Fellows. This week, we profile the work of Heidi Everett…

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Maxine Beneba Clarke was announced as the winner of the 2014 Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship at the Writers Victoria Salon last night.

Clarke will use the $10,000 fellowship to work on Part Two of her proposed autobiography, ‘The Hate Race’ – a memoir about growing up black in white middle-class Australia.

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My writing has always been grounded in a strong sense of place. Perhaps this is because places in my own life have been so contingent, so impermanent, that they often got transformed in my mind into mythology, and personal mythology is one of the most powerful drivers in writing that I know.

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In 2014, Writers Victoria produced a series of postcards and memes of some of our Write-ability Fellows. This week, we profile the work of Giovanni di Mase.

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Clovis Mwamba writes about the refugee experience, his fight against human rights abuse, and how he fled the Congo by boat.

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Some of Australia’s most remarkable and inspiring stories stem from true life. Told in voices plain, ornate, and everything in between, first-person accounts serve many purposes and begin from diverse places.

A great number of successful books are sparked by the writer’s curiosity about a detail of family, which has always been puzzling or unspoken: a gap in the records. Others explore a powerful and cherished relationship. Yet others stem from a profound bond with place. And some stories arise from a terrible loss or tragedy.

Welcome to our new monthly brag about our Writers Victoria community members who have won awards or been shortlisted or longlisted for writing prizes.

 “Where you from?” In the 16 years that I’ve been writing for publication I have had the opportunity to work with various editors. When I embarked on co-editing the anthology ‘Coming of Age: Growing up Muslim in Australia’, I understood the process of editing a book, but I didn’t realise the way it would transform my view of the publishing industry. I would soon find out that there is a reason for the saying, Wait until you walk in someone else’s shoes.