Finding Motivation to Write

Clare Connelly Interviewed by Christy Collins

Clare Connelly

Maximise Your Wordcount

CC: What do you enjoy most about writing (and reading) romance fiction? 

Clare: I’ve loved romance novels for as long as I can remember – and for many reasons. I love the guaranteed happy ending, the escapism, the glamour and of course the whole falling-in-love bit! 

CC: What comes first for you when writing a novel: character, plot, setting or voice?

Clare: Almost always character. Usually, people just pop into my head. I start with either the hero or heroine and then work out who their perfect opposite is. Someone who’ll ultimately complement them but will initially provide a spark. From there, I focus on the conflict. What’s keeping my couple apart, what hurdles do they need to overcome to be together? Setting is generally changeable, unless the plot is derived from a feature of the setting – eg, snow in a snowed-in romance.  

CC: You’re a prolific writer, how do you maintain your writing momentum?

Clare: I have a lot of contracts, so I have to maintain momentum, ha! But seriously, once I have an idea for a story, I’m obsessive about it. I feel as though the idea is burning a hole in me and the only way to put that fire out is to write the thing. 

CC: What is your writing routine? How much do you write (in terms of word count) in a typical writing session?

Clare: When I’m ‘in a book’, I tend to write between five and ten thousand words a day, sometimes up to fifteen thousand, depending on how much time I have in the day. Though I work full-time, I only have the school hours, which go way too quickly!  

CC: Who would benefit most from this course?

Clare: I think the course is great for all levels. If you’re struggling to finish your first book, then we’ll go through ways to overcome those doubts, to kickstart your motivation and find the confidence to go on. If you’re already writing and finishing projects but you want to make sure you really streamline your process, then I’ll go through ways to help you find ‘the zone’ the minute you hit the keyboard. I also take great delight in disabusing people of the ‘muse’ theory. You’re your muse!! We’ll discuss practical tips on writing faster, writing better, and touch on what to do next (editing, submitting for publication). This course is a great fit for anyone looking to turn their writing into a finished manuscript and then into a book!

About Clare Connelly

Clare Connelly self-published her first ebook in May 2014 and by the end of that same year was selling thousands of copies a month and earning a six-figure income. She had sold almost a million digital books before signing with Harlequin (Harper Collins) in October 2016 – and now writes as a ‘hybrid’ author, continuing to publish best-sellers as an indie as well as selling books through traditional publishing. She writes as full-time as a busy life with two young children permits, and loves to cook, eat French food and drinks far more tea than is good for anyone.