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Monday, August 18, 2014
Katie Keys

headshot of Katie Keys
Katie Keys

Twitter poet Katie Keys shares some of her thoughts about digital writing through the form of tiny little poems themselves.

What does poetry mean to you?

The homes we make
for words,
the niche we find,
the gaps we fill.

The wish we make,
the sum of all our parts.

What influence have new technologies had on reading and writing poetry online?

Freed from the page,
from the dust,
from the library shelf,
from our obscurity.

Free to explore,
to expand,
free to travel the world,
to be heard, to be seen.

You’re a big advocate of the creative communities that exist on social media. What’s so exciting about poets writing on Twitter or other platforms?

Strangers, we met
at the turn of the page.

We are shy
and we hide
from ourselves.

Stumbled, you fall
over my turn of phrase.

You have found,
a new way,
a new world.

What’s your advice for poets just starting to build an online platform?

Join the conversation.
Bring your best words out to play.
Take a byte
of all the words to come.

About Katie Keys

Katie Keys is Melbourne-based poet, writer and arts manager. Her work has been published in anthologies, magazines and online in Australia and beyond. An advocate of online creative communities, Katie has tweeted a tiny little poem each day @tinylittlepoems for nearly five years. (She is also currently the Director of Writers Victoria).