AGM Wrap Up

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The 2018 Annual General Meeting was held on 27 March.

The Chair, Director and Treasurer all presented their reports on 2018 activity, which can be viewed in the annual report. In addition, four members were elected to the Committee of Management: Donata Carrazza and Noe Harsel, both existing Committee members, and we welcome Bryan Keon-Cohen and Amy Maddison, who are joining us for the first time. Thanks to Andrew Bush and Sarah Jensen for also standing for election.

At a subsequent Committee of Management meeting, the following appointments were made for the next twelve months:

Chair: Nicolas Brasch
Deputy Chair: Noe Harsel
Secretary: Peter Hill
Treasurer: Victor Sekulov

Thanks to everyone who voted and/or attended the AGM on 27 March.

Download the annual report here.