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Short stories, features and poems from our writing community.

Michelle Roger was one of six emerging writers who showcased their work at the Write-ability Salon at EWF on Sunday 1 June, 2014.

Following a series of advocacy and life-writing workshops for writers with disability, the Write-ability Salon unearthed the sort of unique and powerful stories that usually go untold. The Write-abilty Salon is supported by the City of Melbourne 2014 Arts Grant Program and is presented in collaboration with Arts Access Victoria and the Emerging Writers' Festival.

the Emerging Writers' Festival 2014 logo

Writers with disability will take over The Salon during the 2014 Emerging Writers’ Festival.

the logo for Theater 451

Theatre 451 is an independent theatre company promoting new writers and creatives in the just-left-of-centre parts of Melbourne. Lisa Inman from Theatre 451 spoke with WV theatre intern John about their upcoming season.

picture of Tim Byrne

Tim Byrne is a regular theatre reviewer in Melbourne. He spoke with John from Writers Victoria about how to get those first few pieces out there and make a name for yourself in Australian theatre writing.

Writers with disability will raise their voices in a series of life- and advocacy-writing workshops in the lead-up to the Emerging Writers’ Festival this year.

“Those of us living with disability or long-term illness have particularly unique stories because we have learned to navigate life in unique ways,” says workshop leader Kate Richards.

Richards’ own award-winning autobiography, ‘Madness: a Memoir’, provides an insight into what it’s like to live with and manage psychosis, of achieving balance and living well.

In 2014, Writers Victoria produced a series of postcards and memes of some of our Write-ability Fellows. This week, we profile the work of Nicole Smith.

a quaint house with a tree out front

One of our Glenfern writers-in-residence, Linda McLaren, was so inspired by her writing studio and the atmosphere of the writers' house that she wrote us a little poem about it.

“Where you from?” asks the green mango vendor from behind his cart on the ramparts surrounding Galle fort.

“Australia,” I answer, but immediately feel the need to add, “but my parents are from here.”

headshot of Allee Richards

Allee Richards‘ stagewriting debut 'Plastic’ will be performed as part of a double bill with Theatre 451 in April 2014. She spoke with Writers Victoria theatre intern John Back about writing for stage for the first time and the transformation of text to speech.

Photo of Ilka Tampke

Long-time WV member and newly published author Ilka Tampke spoke to Sharona Lin about her debut novel 'Skin' published in 2015.