Publishing Tips and Tools

Get tips, tricks and tools on the business of writing and getting published.

This fact sheet on 'Mentorships' covers all the details of what a mentorship includes and how it is beneficial. 

This fact sheet on 'Online Presence' covers why you should have one and which platforms to use.

This fact sheet on 'Self-Promotion' covers a guide on self-promotion and why you need to do it.

This fact sheet on 'Book Launches' covers if you need a book launch and how to organise one.

This fact sheet 'Writing a Cover Letter and Synopsis' covers what is a cover letter, what is a synposis, and a guide on how to write both. 

This fact sheet on 'Epublishing' covers why you would epublish and how to epublish.

This fact sheet on 'Literary Agents' covers what a literary agent does and where you can find one.

This fact sheet 'Publishing Options' covers the three different types of publishing.

This fact sheet 'Self-Publishing' covers why you'd self-publish and guide on how to.

This fact sheet 'Submitting to Literary Magazines' covers where to look to get published.